Lost and Found

Behind the Scenes

"When we’ve heard that we are going to shoot the iconic Air Jordan 1, we knew we had to capture it in a way that feels nostalgic yet timeless. Thus, 16mm film was the only solution for us to recreate authentic 80s vibes but also keep the aesthetics of beloved movies and commercials. From the first shot on, we wanted everyone to know that this is more than your ordinary sneaker ad. Just like the sneaker, it’s a beautiful piece of craft and a love letter to every sneakerhead and Jordan fan out there."

Words by Viktor Viai.

Our latest Air Jordan 1, LOST AND FOUND spot, released with Asphatlgold was shot on 250D and 500T 16mm by DP, Elias C. J. Köhler, with director Viktor Viai.

ALTO Visuals locally serviced the production in Los Angeles, collaborating with Berlin based production company, STORIES2TELL.